Testify To Pharmacy Jesus My Friend......Testify......


And it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

Hello Mr Monkey, I asked advice from you a few years ago about leaving Walgreens for a Rite Aid position located where I wanted to live. I thought you would like to hear what happened.

It lasted 3 years. During that time, I was miserable. It got so bad, I was forced to flex my brain muscles more than I did in pharmacy school, to figure out how to get out. It is so pathetic, to spend $150k on student loans and pass classes that took all of my efforts for so many years, only to find myself equally pressured to get the fuck out of the very place I dedicated my life to be in.

I was threatened with trivial write ups over mentally ill customer complaints, sending a personal fax, putting a flu shot sign in the incorrect location, etc. These write ups, I was told, would lead to a final meeting that would possibly result in termination. I put my keys in the lock box, called the DPM and informed him I would never be back. They did not deserve a 2 week notice.

I started a home business with my wife, and all is well. I still Rph, doing some floating for the new Haggen stores. I now own my life again, sleep well at night, and wish the best for all of my pharmacy friends that are stuck in the corporate trenches.

I appreciate all of your thoughts and writings over the years, and they no doubt had a huge influence in my ultimate decision to leave and stand up for myself. For that, I thank you very much Mr. Monkey.

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Testify To Pharmacy Jesus My Friend......Testify......
Testify To Pharmacy Jesus My Friend......Testify......
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