We'll File This Under "Stuff That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired"

Blogpost original air date : Friday, October 20, 2006

My Employer Really Needs To Give Me More To Do......

.....because when it gets to the point where I'm bored enough to clean, bad things can happen.

Such a point was reached a couple weeks ago. It was a beautiful day and most people had sense enough not to waste it in a drugstore. This left me with a choice of staring blankly at the family planning section while listening to the likes of John Mayer serenade me through the in store music system, or do a badly-needed reorganization of the miscellaneous "we don't need this but don't want to throw it away" section at the back of the happy little pill room. I went with option one as long as I could, about an hour, before the sound of "No Such Thing" was like that of an icepick being driven through my eardrum.

Fine. I'll clean something.

One of the first things I found was a pile of old auxiliary labels. You know, the "may cause drowsiness" type stickers we put on your vial so our ass is covered when you take 10 Xanax then wrap your car around a tree. These days, most of them are printed along with your label and not put on separately, meaning the half empty box of "for anal use only" tags I found would probably never be used. How sad. If only there were some way for these little stickers not to go to waste.

I looked back at the family planning section.

Why not a little experiment? You know, in the name of science, the way the TV show "Candid camera" was all about science. I discreetly slipped over to where my favorite type of Trojans were on display. Two rows side by side, perfect. One row got the "for anal use only" stickers on their front corner, one didn't. After two weeks, here's what I can report:

3 boxes of anal condoms picked up and put back when the customer realized they weren't designed for the planned hole.

1 customer carefully looking over his options and going with the anal prophylactics.

1 customer question to me as to what the difference was. I assured the customer they were both the same product and was shocked, just shocked, that someone could be so immature as to put these stickers on as some sort of sick joke. The customer still went non-anal.

Today I saw the store manager taking the labels off, so these will be my final results. Damn.

Although I do still have some "for the ear" stickers left.......
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We'll File This Under "Stuff That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired"
We'll File This Under "Stuff That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired"
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