A Quickie From The Mailbag.

Hi there,

My name is Judy and I'm with the American Recall Center. I came across your blog while researching health safety topics and wanted to say that, as a fellow advocate, I admire your passion for keeping your readers informed, and healthy.

With Patient Safety Awareness Week around the corner (Mar. 8 - Mar. 14), we want to bring attention to a hidden safety hazard found in all of our own homes, our medicine cabinet. It's so important that we understand the medications we take, how to store them securely, and dispose of them properly. That's why we're asking influential writers, like you, to share their thoughts and experiences in a post.

We want to highlight some important facts about medication safety and we're hoping you'd be willing to help us in doing so!

Please let me know if you'd interested,



Dear Judy,

Strike 1- Use of the word "passion." The new definition of "passion" is "empty buzzword thrown randomly into business jargon"

Strike 2- Exclamation point! Another trendy corporate grammar tool to show how "outside the box" we are!

Strike 3- "Inspire?" Really? What....the......? that is actually worth three strikes all by itself.

The answer is no. Please become very passionate about staying as far away from me as possible!

The word that goes here is sincerely.


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A Quickie From The Mailbag.
A Quickie From The Mailbag.
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