From The Mailbag, A Reader Concerned With The State Of My Relations To Federal Affairs.

Testify To Pharmacy Jesus My Friend......Testify......

From The Archives, And With a Special Dedication To A Certain Mr. Trump.

The Spawn Of Lloyd Duplantis Of Gray, Louisiana Are Back. And Wal-Mart Tells A Big Fucking Lie.

The Potential Posts Are So Many, The Time Is So Short.

The Socialist Invasion Has Begun, And Rubber Bands Are The New Symbol of Surrender.

Let's Go For The Trifecta. Stuff That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired Part 3.

Stuff That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired, Part 2

We'll File This Under "Stuff That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired"

Here's What The Big Deal Was About At That Bridge In Alabama This Weekend. I Told You About It 8 Years Ago.

A Rather Unfortunate Name.

A Quickie From The Mailbag.

A Question Looking to Be Crowdsourced By You CVS Chain Slaves

Pharmacy Jesus Saves Another Pharmacy Soul

Oh, How I Have Been So Dreadfully Wrong About The American Pharmacists Association.

He Was The Best Of Motivators, He Was The Worst Of Motivators.

At Last, The End To Our National Narcotic Nightmare