Area Blogger Traumatized By Threat From Anonymous Douche.

DRUGMONKEYLAND, CA-  In a development that might shake the pharmacy blogging world to its very core,  longtime publisher of the "Your Pharmacist May Hate You" blog Drugmonkey received an email today that may forever change his relationship with the completely never sarcastic blog he has been publishing since February, 2005 (Longer than The Angry Pharmacist, regardless of what he says on his Twitter feed) The potentially earth shattering message read, in whole:

Your writing style usually rides a fine line between informative and entertainment in the form of satire. Lately, your use of sarcasm has been taken to such heights that it feels like I'm reading The Onion. I don't like The Onion. 

I am a long time fan of your page and satisfied owner The Pharmacy Rip Off List, but if this is a sign of things to come then you may loose me as a an advid reader.

"It was like my world had ended" Drugmonkey said from his undisclosed location deep in The Sierra Nevada Mountains. "I mean, I realize I had taken the blog in a completely different direction with my post about Walgreens executives getting millions of dollars in severance pay after making a billion dollar error, but never in my wildest dreams did I realize an Onion rip-off article, which I had never, ever attempted before, might alienate one lone reader the way it seems to have done here."

"So after I read this I realized I had a choice. Have my writing style associated with an award winning, incredibly popular, wildly successful cutting edge comedy publication, or take a chance on "loosing" an "advid" reader.

(Look, I realize I may need a copy editor more than most people, but is anyone on the internet ever going to get this right ever again?   Loose is the opposite of tight for fuck's sake, and lose is the opposite of gain or win)

After a bout of weeping The Drugmonkey continued. "I was lost and unsure how to handle this. I prayed and cried. I went on a Native American visionquest journey and reached deep into my soul, and finally, I think I may have the answer."

"I will offer a full refund to this unsatisfied asswipe who is evidently the center of the universe. Every penny they have ever paid to access my blog shall be returned. I will also realize that anyone who claims to be a "long time fan" and never seen an Onion-like post is full of shit. "

At press time The Drugmonkey was unsure if he should change his mind and beg forgiveness from the asshole.
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Area Blogger Traumatized By Threat From Anonymous Douche.
Area Blogger Traumatized By Threat From Anonymous Douche.
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