Pharmacy Jesus Encounters A False Prophet

A few posts ago I promised you an explanation of the evidence of my raw sexuality that showed up in my email box awhile back, a long while back really. I kinda feel bad for keeping you hanging for so long, but just remember, you get what you pay for in this here blog. You want to see me meet deadlines, then go read the words I cough up for dollars.

Which speaking of by the way, you won't be able to do in March. Seems like the magazine needed the space for an advertiser. Dammit. He who lives by the money sword dies by the money sword.

At any rate, this is a tale of caution. A reminder to watch your back out there. All women of virtue be forewarned, as there are those roaming about that would stop at nothing to take advantage of the pure animal magnetism I unleash, as evidenced  by this note from the mailbag:

Hi! I'm a waitress at a bar. Been following your blog for a while now even though it has like zero relevance to my life and been a big fan.
Question is, a few customers came in the night before. One of them was a pharmacist and he gave me his business card...proof he was. We got to talking about pharmacist rant blogs. I mentioned drugmonkey and he said he was is it true? Was that you, or some anonymous pharmacist trying to play me? 
A skeptical waitress

I swear I did not make this up. There's at least one dude out there trying to ride on my coattails. One very smart dude I might add. Because I can't imagine anything sexier than being a member of the world's dorkiest profession and then writing about it in your pj's in front of your computer at night. Well played Mr. Drugmonkey wannabe, well played. There just might be someone out there getting more tail off this blog than the man who actually writes it.

Just don't say you weren't warned ladies.

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Pharmacy Jesus Encounters A False Prophet
Pharmacy Jesus Encounters A False Prophet
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