'Tis The Season For Sticking It To Your Employer. Two Guys In The Trenches Simultaneously Inspire And Infuriate Me.

Do You Know Why I Have Now Inherited The Title Of Best Pharmacy Columnist In The World Now That Jim Plagakis Is Gone? Because Neither One Of Us Ever Wrote A Paragraph Like This.

JP At Large Cut Loose. My Reflections On The First Great Pharmacy Writer.

Sometimes, My Friends, The Jokes Just Write Themselves. That Won't Stop Me From Taking A Crack At It Though.

Hey, Are You A Chain Pharmacist In/Around Boston? Wanna Talk To Someone About Your Working Conditions?

Of Ham Sandwiches And Burning Walgreens

Dear Person At Rite Aid Corporate Headquarters Whose Job It Is To Scour The Internet Looking For What People Are Saying About Your Company.

It's A War Of The Corporate Cocksuckers At Walgreens. Pull Up A Chair And Root For Lots Of Injuries.

I Stand This Night In Awe Of The Evil Brilliance of CVS. Or, Maybe Republicans Aren't Always Wrong About Everything.

The Return Of Rick Scott, Who May Finally Get The Karmic Payback He Deserves, For The Most Incredible Of Reasons.

Back When It Wasn't So Busy, Ebola Made A Guest Appearance In This Very Blog.

Jazzfests And Milestones.

I Am Nothing If Not A Man Of My Word.

Area Blogger Traumatized By Threat From Anonymous Douche.

An Innovative, Outside The Box Incentive Program From Industry Leader Walgreens

Why The Fucking Flexeril Isn't Covered Anymore.

Into The Mailbag We Go.......

A Random Book Excerpt, Because Not Everyone Should Pay To Experience My Wisdom.

The Makers Of Dulcolax See Your Ass As A Penitentiary, And Their Mission As A Humanitarian One.

Once Again, Real Life Takes Away My Material. I Also Call Out Some Chicken Shit Compounding Pharmacists

This Is The Business Expertise I Remember From My Former Employer.

My Preliminary MTM Conclusion

Your Small Penis Is The Key To Understanding A Key Tactic Of Right Wing America's Arguments.

As The Nation Turns It's Attention To Horse Racing, I Retell The Story Of The Greatest Kentucky Derby Ever.

I'm Amazed Sometimes At The Stuff That *Didn't* Get Me Fired.

Ripped Out Of Today's Headlines, By Me, Eight Years Ago.

An Ethical Dilemma.

From The "Someone Couldn't Afford Their Abilify" File

I Come To The Aid Of Every Hospital Administrator In The Country

I Entertain The Thought Of Renewing My Past Fruitful Business Relationship With Rite Aid.