I Offer You A Chance To Put Up Or Shut Up. Or, Pharmacy Jesus Starts To Lead His Flock Away From Chain Tyranny

The retail pharmacist experience has never been good and it's not getting any better. You need someone to tell you that as much as you need someone to tell you the sun rises in the east or bears shit in the woods. The staffing is getting shorter, the corporate mandates dumber, the bounty on your head if you're over 40 higher, and the professional standards you pretend to uphold lower. Despite all the visionary feel good talk of pharmacy "leaders" over the last 20 years, all they have managed to accomplish is replacing "count, pour, lick and stick" with "count, pour, lick, stick, and stick," that second stick being as many arms as possible. Flu season is fast approaching my friends, and woe to the pharmacist who does not meet his immunization quota. We all seem to agree it's hopeless.

Except it's not. I am going to shortly offer you, right here, right now, a way out of your sorry-ass situation. I am not kidding you. Read on.

I wrote back in April about the Clinic Pharmacy in Happy Camp, California. How it's owner has built an honest to God clinical retail practice and makes money doing it. I am not kidding you. All the count, pour, lick and stick stuff is done by a technician. All of it. The pharmacist spends his time talking to patients, researching questions, charting outcomes and whatever else he wants. The closest he gets to your type of drudgery is when he compiles a CII order. He has pulled off what has previously been solely the fantasy of the APhA world. And he has done it while the APhA decides to give an award for professionalism to Walgreens for whatever reason.

"Great for him" you're thinking if you even believe me. "But what's that got to do with me?......woe is me.......woe woe woe......."

Because you have a chance to end your friggin woe right now buddy. Clinic Pharmacy is for sale. That means you can buy it and tell your DM to take his shortstaffing and quota enforcing and shove it up his ass. You have a chance to actually be a professional. To interact with patients and actually make decisions and influence outcomes.  

And if I know most of you, you're busy right now thinking of a million reasons why you can't.

"It'll cost too much" you'll whine. Nope. Its asking price is $230,000 If you bought a house you can buy this place. Form an S-corp with your partner you're looking at 115,000 each. Eligible to be financed through the Small Business Administration.

"But I won't make as much." Others of you will cry. Well with that attitude you won't. Remember as a business OWNER you are free to do whatever you'd like to drive sales and revenues. Not to mention that if you are willing to sell your soul for what the chains are paying, you absolutely deserve what you're getting. I don't want to hear another peep out of you, ever, no matter how bad it gets.

"But I don't want to live out in the middle of nowhere" OK, that one I'll cut you some slack on, as that's what ultimately drove my decision not to buy this place. But there's no reason not to at least go look and see what ideas you can take for your own, independent practice, like Pharmacy Jesus did. I'm sure the owner wouldn't mind talking to you at all. He's seriously a nice guy.

So there you are whiners. You now have a concrete plan of action out of the bullshit you are drowning in. Take it, or at least investigate it, or forever lose your right to bitch about the profession ever again.

Drop me a line, right now, and I'll give you all the contact info you need to get started.
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I Offer You A Chance To Put Up Or Shut Up. Or, Pharmacy Jesus Starts To Lead His Flock Away From Chain Tyranny
I Offer You A Chance To Put Up Or Shut Up. Or, Pharmacy Jesus Starts To Lead His Flock Away From Chain Tyranny
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