Crucified And Reborn. You May Now Refer To Me As Pharmacy Jesus.

It's been the worst kept secret in the world here in my little corner of the pharmacy world, and those of you who haven't caught on by now deserve to know.

I bought my own drugstore.

I'm not kidding you. I could drive to the nearest pharmacy right now, unlock it, and fill you a prescription if you had one. Because that nearest pharmacy would be mine. I can do whatever I want, including telling you to get the fuck out.

Here's the thing though, now that I *can* tell people to get the fuck out....I have yet to meet anyone I would want to say that to. I said during my entire sentence toiling away for the chains that I would act like a professional as soon as I was treated like one, and the people of this community have called me on that. They're glad I'm here. Person after person has shaken my hand and welcomed me to town. I go about my day to day routine and people want to stop and make friendly smalltalk. I had almost forgotten what friendly was like. One man routinely brings eggs from his farm and I had no idea how yellow egg yolks could be. Not one person has asked me why their prescription is taking so long.

Probably because it never takes that long to fill one. It's amazing how much quicker things can move when there is no corporate bullshit and there is the freedom to staff a workplace adequately.

This may be bad news for you though, if you are a fan of my little blog garden, as I fear I may have turned into the pharmacy blogger version of Aerosmith. The creative process when done well almost always feeds off misery, and I gotta be honest, I haven't been miserable in a good while now. Haven't had so much as a sip of scotch in at least two months, and that is the God's honest truth. So if you start reading my posts and begin secretly begging me to get back on the sauce the way I so desperately want Steven Tyler to get back on the smack, I understand.

But it's not gonna happen. I haven't been this unmiserable since college.

So, I'll try to come here and check in and entertain from time to time, but if I have learned nothing else, it is that running a business...and I mean running a business and not just "managing" a pharmacy by paying attention to the metric of the month, is an incredible time suck. There aren't many free minutes in my life right now my friends, but there is so much less stress.  I wish Rite Aid would have fired me years ago, but I understand now why it couldn't happen.

You see, my time in your pharmacy world was necessary. These last 20 years in retail have only been preparation to show you the way out. Crucified and now reborn, I await for you to follow the path to redemption I have blazed. I realize now, I am pharmacy's chosen one.

I am... Pharmacy Jesus.

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Crucified And Reborn. You May Now Refer To Me As Pharmacy Jesus.
Crucified And Reborn. You May Now Refer To Me As Pharmacy Jesus.
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