Insist On Brand Name Poly-Vi-Flor Or Your Baby Will Be Crazy, Mentally Challenged, Eaten By Their Own White Blood Cells, Then Finished Off By Cancer.

My New Book Is Now Here In All Its Glory And In All Forms Paper And Electronic. Get Your Copy Or Be Forever Doomed To Pay Too Much For Your Vicodin.

You Are The Donkey Here. The Chair Is CVS.

So, Yeah, The New Book's Still Coming. Here's An Excerpt To Whet Your Appetite

Drugmonkey, What's This I Hear About A New Book? I Hope It Addresses A Need And Maybe Annoys Some Drug Companies.

CVS. Ye Olde Pharmacy That Hearkens Back To A Simpler Time.

It's Like The Pharmacy Oscars. With A Lot Less Fashion Sense And A Lot More Ego.

So Drugmonkey, Where The Hell Have You Been? Not Investigating The Link Between Rite Aid's Flu Shots And Bubonic Plague, That's For Sure.