Down Christmas Memory Lane, Part 2

Down Christmas Memory Lane, Part One

My Non Freudian Dream.

My Annual Heartfelt Tribute To The Christmas Spirit.

A Random Tribute To The Era Of Flower Power

Another Video Warning To Each And Every Pharmacy Student Across This Land. This Is What You Are Lining Up For.

From The Mailbag, Five Years Later, A Guess As Good As Any

Nation Prepares For The Annual Running Of The Tools.

From The Pages Of Pills-A-Go-Go. The Best Piece Of Drug Swag Ever.

Drugmonkey, I Love Love Love Your Book, But You Don't Write As Much Now That You're A Responsible Business Owner, What's A Person To Do?

There's Nothing Like A Good Hatemail To Warm The Heart. But Once Again, I Have To Work With What I Can Get.

Before We Start This Again Ms. Help Desk Lady, I Have One Question For You....

With Apologies To Bill Maher, New Rule. You're Perfectly Free To Hate Obamacare, But....

I Was Fascinated By This Picture For A Long Time. Then I Figured It Out.

Holy Crap I've Been So Busy I Forgot It's Been Over A Year Now Since The Fuckers At Rite Aid Have Had Any Power Over Me.

The Tyranny Of Obamacare Explained Through My Own Eyes

An Ode To Minastrin.....Chew Chew Chew Chew!!!!!!

The Forces Of Political Correctness Know Exactly How To Bend Me To Their Will

I Love This Guy. Not The Commentator, But The Candidate Of Which He Speaks.

I Publish A Spoiler From My Awesome First Book As A Rear Guard, Guerrilla Action In The War On Women

I Offer You A Chance To Put Up Or Shut Up. Or, Pharmacy Jesus Starts To Lead His Flock Away From Chain Tyranny

Non-CVS Pharmacy Company Fined For Wrongdoing.

This Week's News Headlines. As Fresh As One Of My Five Year Old Blog Posts. Or, I May Be On The World's Longest Acid Trip.

Rite Aid, Battered Like A Wife Of OJ Simpson, Somehow Manages To Rise From The Dead And Limp Around Like A Mutant Zombie.

Crucified And Reborn. You May Now Refer To Me As Pharmacy Jesus.

Today's Cruel Little Legal Joke

Insist On Brand Name Poly-Vi-Flor Or Your Baby Will Be Crazy, Mentally Challenged, Eaten By Their Own White Blood Cells, Then Finished Off By Cancer.

My New Book Is Now Here In All Its Glory And In All Forms Paper And Electronic. Get Your Copy Or Be Forever Doomed To Pay Too Much For Your Vicodin.