Today's News, As Brought To You By Me Over A Year And A Half Ago.

From today's paper, which sadly, I will soon start receiving in digital form. I wonder what I'm supposed to start calling it then? "From today's screen?" "From today's data upload?" Sigh. I will miss you, dead trees.

WASHINGTON — Teva Pharmaceuticals has stopped shipping its generic version of a popular antidepressant after a federal analysis showed the pill does not work properly. 
The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday said it asked Teva to withdraw Budeprion XL 300 after new testing showed the drug releases its key ingredient faster than the original drug Wellbutrin XL 300, made by GlaxoSmithKline.

Budeprion releases its ingredient faster? This sounds so......familiar. Of course it was from a long time ago I'm thinking of...let me see if I can remember....

I will say however, that when I dispense and you take a generic drug, we both expect it to be the same as its brand name equivalent, and that dumping 49% of a 24 hour dose over the course of four hours as opposed to 25% is not the same. It's almost twice as much. Which makes me wonder if maybe there's not a reason at least a few of my customers are so damn psycho .
It's also why I've started ordering Watson's version of Wellbutrin XL.

Wow. That was way back in January of 2011. Whoever wrote those words must be some sort of prophet or something. I mean.....

Wait! That was me! I remember now! I'm the prophet!! You should probably praise me and ask me to do miracles now or something.

The action contradicts the FDA's previous update on the issue in 2008, when regulators said the drugs are essentially the same.

Actually, that's being kind. According to the prophet, what happened was the FDA extrapolated results from a test of 150mg tablets to the 300mg ones. They tested one thing and assumed the results would apply to something else. As we all know, assumption is the cornerstone of science.

And by the way, even the test of the 150mg tablets didn't go so well.

"Oh prophet" some of you are no doubt saying. "Might you have any other words of wisdom for us poor lost souls who trust that authority figures are wise and just?"

Yes. Never trust anyone who calls himself a prophet. It was actually The People's Pharmacy that broke this back in 2006. Good on them.

Still, I ran the story a year and a half before the paper, which I think earns me a little praise. Is there some level between a human and a prophet? A prophan?

Maybe the paper will be faster when it's the daily data upload.  I'm not hopeful.


PS- By the way,  the guy who left this comment on that original post back in 2011?

Irrelevant! So much for pharmacists being drug experts. 
All y'all need to go back to your pharmacokinetics textbooks and brush up on steady-state. 
tsk tsk Drug Monkey.

He can suck it. Totally suck it.
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Today's News, As Brought To You By Me Over A Year And A Half Ago.
Today's News, As Brought To You By Me Over A Year And A Half Ago.
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