I Will Warn You. This Post Contains The Words "Used Enemas" And "Reshelved By CVS Workers"

So....why don't we just get right to the down and dirty. Via thesmokinggun.com and brought to my attention by an alert reader:

OCTOBER 11--A Florida man has been indicted on a federal product tampering charge for allegedly returning used enemas to the shelves of the CVS pharmacy where he purchased the items. 
Ronald Eugene Robinson is accused in an indictment unsealed today in U.S. District Court in Jacksonville.

Notice the dateline. October 11th. Today.

According to prosecutors, Robinson bought several “pre-packaged CVS Pharmacy Ready-to-Use enemas” between April and June of this year. After using the enemas, he placed them back into their boxes, resealed the containers, and returned the products for refunds.

I will draw your attention to the words "bought" and "between April and June"

The used enemas, reshelved by CVS workers, were subsequently sold to unsuspecting customers...“It is believed that all customers have been notified of the tainted purchases,” Department of Justice prosecutors said in a press release issued today.

They....had to be notified? I give someone the Watson Somas instead of  Qualitest and I'll hear about it in under five minutes, but....someone gets shit on a stick...and just sits passively around until someone calls?

Just to remove any doubt:

An analysis of the used products revealed that, “fecal matter was located on some of the returned enema bottles

"Well gosh....I seem to have lost the receipt. I guess I'm just out of luck."

Or would that be "shit out of luck"....bwwwaaaahhhaahhhaaa....

But let's get back to the words "between April and June," because the indictment included with that web story clearly states that the suspect was arrested for buying and returning enemas on June 5th. The inducement also states that this was the fourth time he had done this, which aroused the suspicions of the ever alert CVS staff.

He got away with it three times. At least. I'm going to go try and wash out my eyeballs now.
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I Will Warn You. This Post Contains The Words "Used Enemas" And "Reshelved By CVS Workers"
I Will Warn You. This Post Contains The Words "Used Enemas" And "Reshelved By CVS Workers"
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