Tales Of The Jobless Life, Part One

Tomorrow's gonna be when the fecal material hits the fan. Two deadlines to meet on Friday and tomorrow's gonna be my last chance to throw up some good work. That's what writing feels like by the way, like when you know you're gonna throw up sometime today, but aren't really sure when.

Then.....all the sudden it vomits up...messy words splattering all over the place while you struggle to get them at least near to where they should be deposited. Then all you gotta do is spend a lot of time cleaning them up and you got you some writing work done. Anyway, I gotta throw up twice by Friday.

Today though, I had a Momsitting gig. Some of you may remember my dear friend who is caring for her mother with Alzheimer's. My current joblessness is a bit of a blessing for her, seeing as how she needs occasional time to run errands and catch up on life stuff and just de-stress a little for a few hours.

She needs occasional time and I have time in abundance. Pretty much a classic win win.

So today's idea was to teach Mom a card game. In particular, "war." For those of you not familiar, I'll tell you it's the simplest card game on the face of the earth. You throw down a card, then your opponent throws down a card, and the highest card wins. If you both throw down a card of equal value, war is declared, consisting of two cards face down and one face up, and the highest one wins the whole pile. This continues until someone is out of cards.

Again, pretty much the simplest game on planet earth. And I lost. Every time.

After awhile I started to be pretty sure I was giving Mom credit for hands that I had actually won. Which would be a sweet thing to do, if I were doing it on purpose. I wasn't. Today I was outsmarted at the easiest card game imaginable by an elderly woman with severe dementia.

I'm chasing my first serious job lead since Rite Aid's asshatery. And I'm hoping, mostly for my own mental health, that it might lead somewhere.

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Tales Of The Jobless Life, Part One
Tales Of The Jobless Life, Part One
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