So, How Was Your Day Drugmonkey?

I'll tell you how my day was. Started off with this in my mailbag:

I printed out your recommendations and sent the paper in with (boyfriend of person who wrote me for some drug advice) who, I'm sure, was utterly embarrassed to take in a note from his girlfriend. Ha! ;-D But when he mentioned about my friend, who practices pharmacy, doc asked him what you suggested... and doc agreed... and seemed impressed as well.

Hell yeah that doctor was impressed. You know why? Because I am the friggin' MASTER OF PHARMACY!!!! that's why. You got a drug question and you go anywhere else you are cheating yourself my friends.

Also did some job fishing last night and got a little nibble today. I don't wanna jinx it by saying anything, but even if you're a hater who can't handle knowing someone with the Drug Library of Congress in their head is out there, you'd probably say something like:

"I wish that Drugmonkey would burn in hell, but man....that job couldn't be a better fit for him"

OK, you know what, I can't keep a secret. It's at a clinic that serves un and underinsured patients. How much of a  fairy tale would that be if I got this gig while Rite Aid continues their slide into bankruptcy? How much of a fairy tale?

So yeah, not a bad day. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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So, How Was Your Day Drugmonkey?
So, How Was Your Day Drugmonkey?
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