Seriously, You Guys Just Can't Get Enough Can You?

Twenty minutes? Really? Shouldn't you guys be monitoring flu shot quotas or something? Because honestly, I don't think it's possible to fire someone twice. You don't seem to realize you have no power over me anymore.

You suck you suck you suck you suck. See? I would never say stuff like that if I was still on your payroll. Ironic isn't it? If your goal was to shut me up you were about as effective as you've been in the pursuit of profit.

I also never would give the world the scoop about your "savings card" prescription pricing if I was still your employee. The whole time I worked for you, I never once told people how I saw that depending on the med, that "savings card" turns into a "rip off the customer" card.

I still haven't. Gone into the details of how that card can screw people over compared to other discount plans that are available. But we both know I could. So maybe you shouldn't piss me off. More than you already have.

Looks like any remaining power in our relationship rests with me now, yes? I use the sweet sweet irony to flavor my coffee every morning.

It does make me happy to know, however, that based on your outclick, you're learning about the outsized influence of big money in our electoral process.

There may be hope for you yet.
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Seriously, You Guys Just Can't Get Enough Can You?
Seriously, You Guys Just Can't Get Enough Can You?
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