Meanwhile, Over At CVS......

From the mailbag...I almost hesitate to post this, as I fear it might give the other "Big 2" an idea to rip off.

But what the hell, I'm not part of that rat race anymore. Here we go:

I go into work on Wed and we have been sent CVS "thank you" cards to be HAND WRITTEN by the pharmacist and given to the preselected ESI transfer patients when they pick up their RX's. It should say some of the following things: 
-thanx for choosing CVS
-offering flu shots
-offering text messaging
-soon will have electronic signing at pickup
-CVS can have your entire profile and screening for drug interaction
-one on one patient /pharmacist counseling with expert drug info
-Blah blah blah blah blah
-Card is in an envelope and presented to patient at pickup

Bwwwaaaahhhhaaahhhaaaaaaa.....damn good thing they're not having the techs do this. Intensive pharmcotherapy such as this is exactly why I applied to pharmacy school.

By the way, I think this might be a good place for a little mash up with some words by Ron Snow, Manager, Professional & College Relations at CVS Caremark. He wrote these for the Indiana Pharmacist’s Alliance quarterly magazine and they come via the blog of Jim Plagakis. Jim gave me the break that got me into my gig at Drug Topics, which probably contributed to me getting fired from my last job. Which means I owe JP one huge-ass favor:

I am not sure when the change started, but over the past few years I have noticed an inferiority complex growing among community pharmacists. For many years the proud neighborhood pharmacist was known as the most trusted professional, but now he/she has turned into someone with self-image issues. Why has this change taken place? The way I see it, this is a complicated issue with no easy answer.

Now back to my CVS source:

In addition we are calling every one of the ESI patients to give them the same info that is one the card and then we fax all of the calls made daily to the DM...In addition to THAT, the techs pass out 20% off coupons to each patient targeted for purchases in the front thru September. In addition to THAT, we are to delay the transfers of all ESI patients' rxs for an hour and then call the patient to find out why they are transferring...I think you already know this... easy answer at all as to where those self image issues could be coming from....after 6 years of busting your ass for a doctorate...huh....yup, no idea.

Back to Ron:

What prompted me to think about this image problem was a recent conversation I overheard between a couple of new grads that was centered on their career choices. The first grad talked excitedly about his choice of starting a career with a hospital where he was confident that he would eventually get the opportunity to move into a “clinical” position in the not too distant future. The second grad sheepishly commented that he was “just going to work for so-and-so pharmacy” because he did not want to give up his 3 years of service with the company. I did not hear any passion of excitement in his voice about his future career plan.
Why did not this recent grad not show more enthusiasm for his community pharmacy choice?

Not a clue did you make your readyfill quota. What could it be?

I believe one reason is the focus/pressure that schools are putting on grads to complete a residency...Unfortunately, I have been informed numerous times by interns that they are left to feel inferior if they choose not to pursue a residency.

Really? You know...Here's just a wacky theory....I'm just gonna....maybe I shouldn''s kinda crazy.....oh what the hell....maybe.....

....they are. Just a little bit ahead in their professional development than the person who got a doctorate so they could be ordered to fill out these all day.

Just a crazy idea. Back to my CVS Deep Pill:

Its all so crazy...and so demeaning to the employees and NO health care info given to patients at all...I am an old school RPh and it is killing me...

I know, but if those pharmacy schools would just let up on their pressure to put kids in residencies, everything would be fine.

.I know you feel the pain also

Felt the pain. And hoping never to feel it again. You have no idea how much I want this clinic to offer me a gig. I want. To be. A Pharmacist again.

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Meanwhile, Over At CVS......
Meanwhile, Over At CVS......
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