A Scab Speaks.

Feeling the love in the mailbag I am. Got this one in response to my post about scabs possibly being called in if Southern California Rite Aid workers go out on strike:

Being one of the people called, one who doesn't have 40 guaranteed hours out here and is really hard-pressed for money due to just moving into a new place and my car dying on Friday, I'm anxiously awaiting the call to go because I can't afford not to at this point. So, sorry, I'll be happily crossing that line. We don't have a union out here either, so I'm more just a temporary fill-in. I'm not in love with the company or a slave to their will, but I gots bills to pay and this will let me do that. So fuck you for your tunnelvision view of the situation from the other side; this strike could save me from having to starve and being evicted in 3 weeks. The alternative isn't pretty.

Dear Tool,

Do you know why your job's so crappy? How it is that you can be employed yet still on the edge of eviction? Why your life is so miserable? It's because for the last 30 years there has been a war fought against working people and this is the result. They have bulldozed the type of person who just wants to get up, put in an honest days work and have some food on the table and a roof over their heads. Because wanting food security and desiring shelter is an affront to them. Anything that costs them a penny is an insult to their honor.

So your job has to suck as much as possible. You have to be fucked as hard as they can fuck you while still keeping you productive.

Do you walk to work or take the bus these days?

You're powerless to stop them alone. Stand up and you will be thrown aside. So you take it. You take less than 40 hours and hope you don't get sick. You hope they don't mess up your payroll so your rent check doesn't bounce. You stand and take that barbed wire penis up your ass and ask for more.

And now, you are so under their thumb, so under control, so much a complete and total success in their strategy, that you have joined their army in return for one decent week's pay. That's all it takes to get you to help crush others who want to know they can get sick and not go bankrupt. Who have the audacity to want  food in the fridge and a roof over their head. People who are fighting not to have a working life as awful as yours. They so control you tool, have so fucked with your mind, that instead of aspiring to raise yourself to a level where you might be able to work full weeks and keep your car running with your job, you can only help in tearing down others. They have trained you not to look up, but only to kick down.

You are a scab. Which my friend, is another word for a temporary fill in.

So by all means, enjoy the one week of decent pay you'll ever receive. Hell, maybe if these Californians prove tougher than expected you can get two out of the deal. Live it up and look at yourself in the mirror with pride, knowing that you had a part in dragging others down to the level of misery you have known. Be happy that you were able to do your part to ensure the downward slide of the American worker continues. Because as soon as you come home, you're right back where you started. The result of someone in your parents generation being just as spineless as you.

And you can also be happy that you did it cheap. They were able to use you for what amounts to next to nothing for them. Just like a piece of toilet paper. Used and never able to get the stink of shit off you. I'm sure you'll get used to it.

Fuck me indeed...but my price is much higher.

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A Scab Speaks.
A Scab Speaks.
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