Quick, Name A Drug Interaction. Any Drug Interaction.

A Little Rite Aid Southern California Strike Rumor Mongering.

Blog Posts That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired, Number 3.

Ever See A Picture Of An Unsubstantiated Rumor? Now You Can.

Blog Posts That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired #2

Good Morning Rite Aid!!

Off With The Lab Coat And On With The Fedora. An Open Call For Evidence Of Scabbage And Good Pharmacy Preceptors.

Tonight, The First In A New Series: Blog Posts That Somehow Did *Not* Get Me Fired.

From This Day Forward, I Will Practice Pharmacy.

Before We Get To Tonight's Main Event, Someone Insults The Honor Of CVS, And I Correct Them.

A Scab Speaks.

Sounds Like Rite Aid Is Fully Expecting The Southern California Strike To Go Down.

Rite Aid's Statement Regarding Southern California Strike Authorization. (Enhanced)

UFCW's Statement Regarding Southern California Rite Aid Strike Authorization