These Are Tough Times For Soft Drinks.

Losing market share to juices and bottled water. Catching shit from the liberals over the explosion of obesity in this country, people catching on that no matter how many versions of Mountain Dew hit the shelves, it's all just fizzy sugar water.

"But at least I'm FIZZY!" I bet the soda thinks. "At least I have SUGAR! People are passing me up for friggin plain water in a bottle! All these educated, affluent assholes who think they care so much about the environment are paying money for water in a plastic bottle that will take a million years to decay. They not only walk past the drinking fountain, but right past me, who would at least give them some flavor and some caffeine for their money"

It's enough to drive a can of Coca-Cola to drink. Except:

I think I heard the Coca-Cola softly sobbing next to the convenience store door today. Quietly asking the old man going in if he could pay him to buy some beer.
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These Are Tough Times For Soft Drinks.
These Are Tough Times For Soft Drinks.
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