I Solve A Mystery That Vexed The Medical Establishment.

So, according to the morning paper, we may soon have an over the counter, at home HIV test. It's not perfect mind you, better than sitting at home with your fingers crossed after that unprotected bar hookup to be sure, but still:

A trial conducted by Orasure showed the home test only correctly detected HIV in those carrying the virus 92 percent of the time. That means that the test could miss one person for every 12 HIV-infected people who use the kit.
Based in Bethlehem, Pa., Orasure has marketed a version of OraQuick to doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners since 2004. When used by professionals, the test is shown to accurately identify both carriers and non-carriers 99 percent of the time. 
While it’s not clear why the test appears less accurate in consumer trials......

Really? Not clear huh? I once witnessed a customer back his car the wrong way into the pharmacy drive-through. While another car was sitting there waiting for a prescription. Backed it right into the other car's front bumper he did. Then Mr. Backwards yelled at the other driver when the other driver was exactly where he was supposed to be. Mr. Backwards liked his narcotics, which actually would make him a pretty good candidate for HIV screening.

Is it maybe a little more clear now? Why that test might be somewhat less accurate in his hands than in those of a laboratory technician?

You're welcome medical community. You can send my Nobel Prize to my work address.

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I Solve A Mystery That Vexed The Medical Establishment.
I Solve A Mystery That Vexed The Medical Establishment.
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