GlaxoSmithKline Manages To Make My Cold, Cynical Heart Just A Little Colder.

News This Weekend Of Retail Pharmacy Workers Starting To Grow A Pair.

Remember When I Wrote Awhile Back About CVS' Policy To Screw Walgreen's Pharmacists And Their Customers Who Need Prescription Transfers? And How CVS Employees Said It's A Policy Widely Ignored?

I Miss The Car Talk Guys Already. In Their Honor, I Present This Week's Pharmacy Puzzler. Plus A Joke For All CVS Employees.

These Are Tough Times For Soft Drinks.

Words Of Wisdom To All The High School Kids On The Bottom Of Their Social Heap.

An Actual, Real Google Search Term That Led Someone To My Little Blog Garden.

I Solve A Mystery That Vexed The Medical Establishment.

By The Way, I Hate To Be The One To Break It To You If You Haven't Heard, But There's A Vicodin Train Wreck Coming. Every Prescription You Fill For Vicodin Is About To Be A Pain In The Ass.