Stupid Worm.

Sorting through the week's junk mail at the store I came across this actual ad for an actual drug:

Albenza is a med used in the treatment of tapeworms. It's like poison for worms. Which leads me to just one question:

What kind of worm agrees to be in an ad for something that's designed to kill it? And why does he look so happy? If I were that worm I'd be all like "OH MOTHER OF MERCY PLEASE DON'T!! I ONLY WANTED WHAT EVERY WORM WANTS... A DECENT LIFE, A LITTLE INTESTINAL BLOOD AND AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MY CHILDREN!! I'M BEGGING YOU.....oh god......."

Or at the very least I'd be a little pissed off. I think this worm has serious issues.

You don't suppose they tricked the worm do you? Made the Albenza taste like some sort of yummy worm food  and then killed the worm the way Bill Clinton executed someone so brain damaged he saved part of his last meal for later? 

The worm being retarded would make some sense.

Or maybe they're saying Albenza is a piece of crap that claims to kill worms but just leaves them contented and happy.

Something really isn't right here.

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Stupid Worm.
Stupid Worm.
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