From The "You Can't Make This Up" File

We go to the website of Democracy Now!, which I've told you before you should be checking every day:

The House Judiciary Committee has voted to reauthorize sweeping warrantless spying powers that are due to expire at year’s end. The FISA Amendments Act would allow the government to continue the Bush-era practice of monitoring U.S. residents’ phone calls and emails without a warrant, so long as one of the parties in the communication is outside the United States. The Senate Intelligence Committee passed a similar measure last month....
...The National Security Agency has refused to disclose how many Americans have been monitored under the surveillance program on the grounds that doing so would violate their privacy. The NSA made the assertion in a response to a request from Democratic Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall. In a letter, the NSA’s inspector general told the senators that to answer how many Americans have been spied on "would itself violate the privacy of U.S. persons."

I think I'm good here in trusting you'll be able to figure out the irony for yourselves. Goodnight and god help us all.
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From The "You Can't Make This Up" File
From The "You Can't Make This Up" File
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