I'm Thinking This May Be A Bit Surprising To CVS Pharmacists.

Straight from the company's policy and procedure manual:


10.1   Pharmacists Meal Breaks.

10.1.1 Pharmacists are encouraged to take a break of 15 minutes for every 4 hours worked, or 30 minutes for an 8 hour shift, whichever they may choose. If state laws or regulations allow for an alternative period, state law should be followed. An appendix identifying changes to the policy to comply with state law is attached to this policy. (I have the appendix too if you'd like me to send it to you, just drop me a line)

10.1.2  All breaks should be taken at a time which is the least disruptive to operations and practical for the pharmacist on duty, subject to all state specific rules and regulations.

10.1.3  Where permitted by state law, pharmacists may waive available meal and rest breaks. However, CVS/pharmacy encourages pharmacists to take breaks in accordance with this policy. (Emphasis mine. I bet your supervisor at CVS gets kinda irked if you wave your breaks, since they're encouraging you to take them. Am I right?) 

10.1.4 The pharmacy must remain open and pharmacy support staff should continue to work while the pharmacist is on break. If more than one pharmacist is on duty, the pharmacist taking their break can leave the building for their break given the appropriate overlap. If only one pharmacist is on duty they should remain onsite and must be available for consultation and emergency situations if needed. Where practicable, pharmacists taking breaks in the pharmacy should utilize an assigned break area that is situated away from all pharmacy workstation areas.

10.1.5 The pharmacist on break is still responsible for the security of the pharmacy while other support staff continue to work.

10.1.6  Pharmacists must follow all State Specific rules and regulations applicable to meal breaks. If the State Board of Pharmacy has more stringent requirements please follow your state specific
guidelines inlieu of the above procedure.

10.1.7  Meal and Rest Breaks for full time salary pharmacists are paid.

10.1.8  Meal Breaks for hourly pharmacists are unpaid, unless the pharmacist is the sole pharmacist scheduled and the applicable pharmacy regulations require the pharmacist to remain on-site during his/her break.15 minute Rest Breaks are paid

(A big thank you to my latest Deep Pill for this scoop.)

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I'm Thinking This May Be A Bit Surprising To CVS Pharmacists.
I'm Thinking This May Be A Bit Surprising To CVS Pharmacists.
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