Fun With Press Releases, Part One

An actual press release that showed up in my email box. I have printed every word. I also may have added a few.

All-Star Player and Current Professional Basketball Head Coach Paul Silas Signs on as National Clotamin Spokesperson  

SILVER SPRING, MD (03/08/12) Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc.’s  wholly owned subsidiary Healthcare Distribution Specialist, LLC (“HDS”) is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with former All-Star player and professional basketball coach, Paul Silas, as national spokesperson for Clotamin®. Clotamin is the world’s first specialized OTC multivitamin product designed exclusively for use by patients on Warfarin® and other anticoagulants (blood thinners). 

Coach Silas is currently a professional basketball head coach and nominee for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2012.  During his 15+ year professional playing career, Silas collected more than 10,000 points and 10,000 rebounds, won three championship rings, and was twice named to the All-Star team. He ranks in the Top 20 for career games played, rebounding, and playoff rebounding. All of which makes him some sort of expert on anticoagulation therapy evidently. Since his retirement from active play, Paul has spent time as a popular professional basketball television commentator and as head coach with several professional basketball teams.The only real qualification he has to endorse our product though, is the fact he's never had an upper GI bleed. Other than that, if you take this man's word on what kind of vitamins you should buy, you're kinda dumb. 

“We couldn’t be happier about having Paul as part of our team. We noticed his name when we were shipping his Clotamin and remembered how he so effortlessly maintained the desired INR of patients enrolled in his anticoagulation clinic, so we reached out to him about working with us and he couldn’t have been nicer,” stated Mackie A. Barch, CEO of Sunpeaks.  “We plan to launch an ad campaign featuring Paul to help drive Clotamin into new markets and distribution channels.”

The preliminary slogan for the company's new ad campaign will be "It's CLOTAMIN, not Lotrimin!! Lotrimin is for your feet!" 

About Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc.

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Healthcare Distribution Specialists, LLC ("HDS"), is a nationally focused, value-added distributor of specialty drugs and over-the-counter ("OTC") branded multivitamins to the healthcare provider market.   HDS also owns and markets Clotamin®, a specialized over-the-counter multivitamin product designed exclusively for use by patients also on Warfarin®, a popular blood thinner that has a long list of known adverse drug and food interactions.

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Fun With Press Releases, Part One
Fun With Press Releases, Part One
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