A Reheated Post As Current As Today's Headlines: My Counselling Session With Dick Cheney

Right On Cue, Here's This Month's CVS Fuckup

Highlights From Recent Pill Counting Action

Fun With Press Releases, Part One

I'm Thinking This May Be A Bit Surprising To CVS Pharmacists.

Nation's Journalists Give Up, Will Just Report Once A Month CVS Probably Fined For Something Again.

It Was Supposed To Be A Weekend Getaway. It Ended Up Looking A Lot Like A Day At The Pharmacy Counter.

The Giant Drug Chains Are Cheapening The Profession Of Pharmacy You Say? What Possible Evidence Do You Have For Such A Claim? Oh. Well, OK Then.

I Bet It Feels Good As A Consumer To Know Pharmacies Have Powerful Prescription Checking Software.

CVS Unveils Innovative Tool In The War On Cancer.