To The Class Of 2012: I Do The Best I Can To Help You Get Through The Rest Of Your Life.

My Nomination For Least Significant Study Ever.

My Blog Saves The Country.

In The Spirit Of Friendship And Cooperation, I Continue To Help A CVS Executive With A Vexing Problem.

To All My Old Friends At Rite Aid. As Ben Folds Five Once Said, "If You Really Wanna See Me Check The Papers And The TV"

I Will Warn You. This Post Contains The Words "Used Enemas" And "Reshelved By CVS Workers"

In This Season Of Debates, I Present Pharmacy Showdown Number Two. It's CVS Vs. CVS.

Today's News, As Brought To You By Me Over A Year And A Half Ago.

The Column Drug Topics Rejected. Probably Wisely.

From The "Working Tirelessly To Protect The Public, And Getting Results!!" File.

Random Thoughts From The 55th Monterey Jazz Festival.

Say What You Will About My Republican Friends, But I Admire Their Commitment To Core Principles.

Random Video That I Found Entertaining At 2 In The Morning. We'll See If It Holds Up In The Light Of Day.

I Started This Night Intending To Write Onion-Like Satire About This, But It's Really Not Funny. CVS Is A Drug Pusher.

It Takes A Village Sometimes, To Run A Pharmacy

Meanwhile, Over At CVS......

So, How Was Your Day Drugmonkey?

Tales Of The Jobless Life, Part One

Seriously, You Guys Just Can't Get Enough Can You?

Quick, Name A Drug Interaction. Any Drug Interaction.

A Little Rite Aid Southern California Strike Rumor Mongering.

Blog Posts That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired, Number 3.

Ever See A Picture Of An Unsubstantiated Rumor? Now You Can.

Blog Posts That Somehow Didn't Get Me Fired #2

Good Morning Rite Aid!!

Off With The Lab Coat And On With The Fedora. An Open Call For Evidence Of Scabbage And Good Pharmacy Preceptors.

Tonight, The First In A New Series: Blog Posts That Somehow Did *Not* Get Me Fired.

From This Day Forward, I Will Practice Pharmacy.

Before We Get To Tonight's Main Event, Someone Insults The Honor Of CVS, And I Correct Them.

A Scab Speaks.