I Suppose It Would Be Rather Horrifying To Look At Your Baby And Discover An Ass Problem.

I wouldn't know, as I don't have any. Babies that is. We'll leave any ass problems I may or may not have out of this for now.

But like I was saying, I've heard  the love between a parent and infant is unlike any bond in the human experience, which totally makes sense. Evolution would have to create a pretty damn strong bond after all to withstand the noisy, smelly, mess making, mess getting into, sleep depriving experience that is parenthood. I've worked in a retail setting for close to 25 years now, which means I now see  babies who could be the babies of the first little shits I saw wailing down the toy aisle long ago, and I am convinced. To put up with one of those things you would have to love them. A lot.

I bet the people at Stiefel Laboratories understand that as well. That a few of them are even parents, and that on occasion, they have experienced the unique horror that must come from seeing the child you love so much with its ass on fire. I'm talking about diaper rash, and I'm not trying to minimize the condition. I'm sure it's awful for a little guy or girl to have to go through. I'm also sure that the first reaction of most parents would be something along the lines of "I NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!!!!" That the sight of such suffering, along with a tinge of guilt that would come from thinking maybe they had had something to do with this, "Did I change the diapers enough? Was I not diligent enough with the baby powder?" Would spur a parent to do anything in their power to make things right again.

That's how most parents would think that is. The parents who work at Stiefel Laboratories evidently thought something along the lines of "We could make some money off of this. A literal shitload of money" Which would explain the creation of Vusion ointment. A product I am nominating this night as the biggest rip off piece of shit ever to grace a pharmacy shelf.

It's not that Vusion is ineffective. It never would have been approved unless there was evidence that it worked. The product's package insert lists three ingredients; miconazole, zinc oxide, and white petrolatum.

Miconazole is an anti-fungal agent used to treat secondary yeast infections that can take hold during an episode of diaper rash. It's good stuff to use in these situations, and Vusion contains it in a concentration of 0.25%

Thing is, you can buy an over the counter tube of miconazole , eight times as strong, in the athlete's foot aisle. It goes by the name of Micatin.

Zinc Oxide is a skin protectant that also helps to seal out moisture. Again, a great idea to use when skin is irritated and wet. You'll get it in a concentration of 15% in Vusion. Or you could get some over the counter Desitin and get it in a concentration of 40%.

The audacity to list white petrolatum as an active ingredient is my favorite. White Petrolatum is Vaseline.

So, let's recap. Vusion is a prescription product that contains a combination of ingredients in weaker strengths than you can find them over the counter. Now let's do some math:

One tube Micatin, 14grams-  $6.49 (all prices from drugstore.com)

One tube Desitin, 120 grams, $4.42

Vaseline, 75 grams $3.29

Which gives us a grand total of $14.20.

So, how much do you suppose a prescription of Vusion goes for, after you go through the process of being examined by a licensed prescriber and given the right to buy something not as strong? Guess. Seriously...before you read any farther, I want you to take a stab at how much you think the good folks at Stiefel laboratories will charge you for watered down over the counter products.


$265.99 for a 50 gram tube. I am not making that up. It's almost enough to make me slightly sympathetic towards insurance companies.

So by all means, the next time you gasp in horror when you realize your little one's ass is in an awful way, ask your doctor if Vusion is right for you, and if your doctor says yes......

Find another doctor.

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I Suppose It Would Be Rather Horrifying To Look At Your Baby And Discover An Ass Problem.
I Suppose It Would Be Rather Horrifying To Look At Your Baby And Discover An Ass Problem.
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