Darvocet And Dulcolax Are Interchangeable For The Right Patient.

I can't claim credit for that headline. it came from an alert reader who tipped me off to this story from the website of WSB-TV:

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Investigators are looking for a burglar who has hit a Johns Creek pharmacy twice in the past three months. 
Back in July someone broke into the business and got away with Adderall, Oxycodone and thousands of other pills. The store's surveillance cameras captured that crime... 
Now police believe the same man may be responsible for both crimes. 
"From the footage of the video from both of the incidents, we're pretty sure it's the same individual," 
But this time around the pharmacist outsmarted the burglar. According to a police report, the pill bottles taken were filled with candy and laxatives.

Reached in a fictional headquarters less opulent than the new building his organization can't stop bragging about, American Pharmacists Association President Marialice S. Bennett praised the "outside the box" thinking "in improving medication use and advancing patient care"

"This pharmacist obviously realized that a person ingesting a large quantity of narcotics, as this burglar or his customers were evidently doing,  is at risk of severe constipation, and took measures to address the needs of his community, extending the same quality of care provided to the law abiding to those on the other side of the law. I'd like to think of this event as the culmination of a lot of effort and hard work here at APhA, as we have been advocating various medication therapy management schemes while standing idly by as pharmacists get ripped off in business transactions for almost two decades now. Bravo Health Mart Pharmacy of John's Creek Geogia, bravo!"

Pharmaceutical Benefits Manager MedcoHealth Solutions Inc., acting on the possibility that the alleged burglar was one of its cardholders, immediately imposed a $10,000 fine against the pharmacy for not having a hard copy prescription for the candy and laxatives on file.
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Darvocet And Dulcolax Are Interchangeable For The Right Patient.
Darvocet And Dulcolax Are Interchangeable For The Right Patient.
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