From The "I Work At Dundler Mifflin" File.

Walgreen's Bold Vision Of The Future As It Actually Works In The Real World, Including Tips On How Addicts Can Use The POWER Program To Get A Fix

"No Excuses" Said The Pharmacy District Manager, "Tomorrow You Will Meet Your Flu Shot Quota Or There Will Be Consequences"

Walgreen's Puts One Vision Of Pharmacy's Future In The Nation's Newspaper Of Record, But Seems To Be Awful Quiet About The One It's Actually Been Working On.

Darvocet And Dulcolax Are Interchangeable For The Right Patient.

Why Do People Call Them Teabaggers? For No Other Reason Than To Insult Them With A Sexual Innuendo, Obviously.

I Think This Might Be The Closest I Can Get To Being In Love Without Crossing The Gay Line.

I Suppose It Would Be Rather Horrifying To Look At Your Baby And Discover An Ass Problem.

I Make A Vow To You This Night. As Surely As I See This Glass Of Absinthe Before Me, I Will Dedicate The Rest Of My Life To Work Worthy Of The Nobel Peace Prize.

We Have Finally Reached A Bipartisan Consensus In Washington. Now All We Need Is A Time Machine.

A Question About A Question.

Attention Pharmacy Students: Take A Good Look Before You Decide To Enter Retail.

It Was A Shit Sucking Day At Work Yesterday. Oddly Enough, This Made Me Feel Much Better.