Of Puppies And Rainbows And Consequences And Reality

I remember the moment like it was only yesterday. It's not often you get the feeling that you're living in a world where things are breaking your way, especially if you're me, especially when I'm dealing in things work related. But there I was in a momentary place where every child has a puppy and rides around on a unicorn that shits out rainbows. Representatives of my employer were actually giving positive encouragement to rank and file employees. They had given them both a challenge and the tools to meet it, and most disorienting of all, had acted pleased when the challenge had been met. I had just graduated with the absolute last class of immunizing pharmacists in my company, and while there were smiles and back slaps all around, I knew what would be coming next.

I remember that moment like it was yesterday because it almost was. In less than three months the positive encouragement has morphed into business as usual. THE FLU SHOT NUMBERS SENT OUT IN LAST MEMO WERE NOT A GOAL, THEY WERE A MINIMUM!! ALL STORES ARE REQUIRED TO MEET THESE NUMBERS AND THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT!!! I was genuinely shocked....that it took them this long to return to normal. I rolled my eyes, deleted the message, then walked over to the shelf and broke the seal on a bottle of Jalyn that had been gathering dust and was ready to be sent back to our wholesaler. A little harmless Lordstown syndrome is good for the soul when you work in retail pharmacy.

Thing is, it takes awhile to realize that being a retail pharmacy manager in turn of 21st century America is a setup for failure. That taking your corporate office seriously is a recipe for insanity. The game of unreasonable expectations is one that is played in every major chain, but it takes a few years of browbeating before it usually sinks in. My pharmacy manager isn't there yet, and I can see the stress on her face, aggravated by the fact she's here on a work visa. She's fired and she's also deported. So she's desperately toeing the company line, practically begging everyone who sets foot in the store to get a flu shot. I'm passive about the whole thing, if you want a flu shot, I'll make sure you don't leave without one, but I'm not about to bug your life to talk you into it. I've got plenty of other shit to do.

So far this week I have given 10 more shots than my stressed out, desperate pharmacy manager.

Because she also doesn't realize that the bullies from above, like most bullies, aren't very smart. That their suggested way of doing things rarely matches with what works in the real world. That if you really do want to give more flu shots, their MANDATORY PROCEDURE probably isn't the most effective way to do it.

So the pressure will build and the stress will rise, not only for my manager, but for like minded de-professionalized professionals throughout the company. We've had pharmacists crack under their pressure before, committing fraud regarding some sort of customer service survey and having to write a letter of apology in the company newsletter. Others that got fired over bending the rules when the frequent shopper card came out. If the bullies from above were able to break people over unimportant crap such as that, you know what's going to happen when the type of dollars to be made giving flu shots is on the line.

Someone, somewhere, is going to start making up false flu shot prescriptions to get the bullies from above off their back. I'm calling it right now. And if those false flu shots involve Medicare, which would be the easiest to do since Medicare flu shots have a zero co-pay, whoever does it will be aqua-fucked. Because that person will have just defrauded the federal government. That person will face fines and banishment from the Medicare program, making them unhirable, while the corporation that broke them with prescriptions on a time clock, lists of phone calls that MUST be made, staff cuts and sheets of unobtainable goals will at most, get a slap on the wrist.

It's not worth it. Learn to ignore them my friends, or at the very least, accidentally knock a few Lipitor tablets into the trash with every memo.
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Of Puppies And Rainbows And Consequences And Reality
Of Puppies And Rainbows And Consequences And Reality
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