A Little Thing That Bugs The Hell Out Of Me

You learn to make your way through the small talk when you work behind the pharmacy counter. Tiny talk. Microscopic talk. Talk you will look up and down and over and under with a magnifying glass and still, despite the best of your efforts, find it utterly empty of any meaning. The weather. Christ on a cracker there IS no weather where I live and I still spend at least an hour a day listening to people drone on about it. Sports. Yeah. The quickest way to get me to tune you out is to start talking about the team of large men who don't realize they're gay and their efforts to hit, carry, kick, or throw a ball of some sort over an imaginary line.

For some reason though, I heard the lady say her favorite baseball team was the Brooklyn Dodgers, and I wanted to punch her.

The Brooklyn Dodgers, you see, don't exist. They haven't since 1957. This means they cannot be your favorite team. They might have been your favorite team. Maybe you like the fact that they broke the color barrier when they signed Jackie Robinson ten years earlier, which would be very admirable, but the fact is, if you can remember the day the Brooklyn Dodgers last took the field, you qualify for Social Security. Why the fuck don't you tell me now how your favorite pet is a passenger pigeon, or better yet, buy yourself a goddamn clue with the dollar and twenty five cents you just saved using coupons form the paper and enter the world of reality?  The Dodgers are in fucking Los Angeles and have been since long before your pharmacist whose hair is turning grey was even born. Exactly how long will this take to sink in? The fact you still don't know what to do to operate the credit card reader you've been using at least once a week for five years doesn't give me a lot of hope.

The fact I get so bent out of shape about this makes me even madder at myself.  Sports are stupid, and I shouldn't even care. The fact I do pisses me off. This is usually where I go have a drink to break the hate cycle but it's not even noon. Goddamn it.

Stupid bitch.
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A Little Thing That Bugs The Hell Out Of Me
A Little Thing That Bugs The Hell Out Of Me
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