A Big, Big Highlight From A Lifetime Of Pill Counting Action.

I saw her walk down the aisle and took in the world of difference. She was radiant and glowing and with it and well. She's been a regular customer for years, and it wasn't always that way. I've seen her haggard and tired and world-weary. Once when it was obvious something was wrong I simply asked her how things were going and she burst into tears, anxious for someone to talk to. I call them "monkeywrench moments," moments when you know a person needs a good chunk of your time and you give it to them, knowing full well it's gonna throw a monkeywrench into the rest of your day. She got all the time she needed and I got a counter full of unfilled prescriptions and three phone calls on hold in return.

I've seen her battle the hold hydrocodone can put on a person and I've seen her forced to deal with mental health demons of the type I wouldn't wish on any person on this planet. Demons  I've seen destroy people close to me, so I knew exactly how tough she was, even if she didn't know it herself. To her it was just getting through one more day. A couple months ago we had a talk about the risk of weight gain versus the possible benefit of a new med. Today as she picked up a refill it was obvious the benefits were winning. I made a joke about taking all the credit.

"You really did help me." she said with a look of earnest seriousness in her eyes. "You always answered my questions and never made me feel judged. Seriously, thank you."

Those last two words were worth more than the entirety of dollars that will show up in my paycheck this year my friends. Those last two words are the profession of pharmacy. And in this world of drive through prescriptions guaranteed in 15 minutes or less, of $1.50 dispensing fees and coupons for dog food given out with every flu shot, every once in awhile, like a weed that manages to poke through a crack in an asphalt covered parking lot, you'll still have a chance to actually practice pharmacy.

Take it. Grab that chance the way a starving bear grabs a piece of raw meat. It will most likely annoy your corporate masters, but I promise you it will be worth it.

Before she left she hugged me. The only time I've ever let a customer hug me. I figured we'd both earned it.  
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A Big, Big Highlight From A Lifetime Of Pill Counting Action.
A Big, Big Highlight From A Lifetime Of Pill Counting Action.
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