My Obsession Rises Yet Again.

Not like the sun mind you. The sun is regular and dependable and my obsession is not. The sun is also useful and life giving. Necessary. My obsession is not. It was planted in my mind long ago, and like a shingles virus, it stays out of reach until I am weakened, then it rears its ugly head. Last night as the gin started to soak into my grey matter it pounced yet again.

"How would you kill someone with a newspaper?"

Many years ago you see, I was watching one of those prison documentaries of the type that are on MSNBC late at night and I heard an inmate claim to have done just that. Kill someone using only a newspaper. He seemed quite proud of himself, and I don't really blame him, as I have no idea how you'd pull that off. I waited for the explanation and it never came.  I've thought about it periodically ever since.

Roll it up into a point and jab at their liver? The eyes maybe?

Soak it it water and hold it over the victims face, smothering them?

Twist it into a type of paper rope perhaps, so you could strangle them.....

It's been a good 5 years I bet and those are the best ideas I've been able to come up with. I have a feeling when I hear the answer it's gonna be something incredibly simple and I'm gonna feel really stupid.

Thing is, I have a newspaper within easy reach most of the time now at work. Ironically enough because I couldn't take the cable "news" channels like MSNBC anymore and started a subscription.

So, I've been thinking about how to kill someone with a newspaper a little more often than I used to. A lot actually. Someone asked me again today if you have to go to college to become a pharmacist and I desperately wished I knew how to kill them with the newspaper that was 12 inches from my hand.

I wonder if it's very physically challenging, because my back's still kinda sore.
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My Obsession Rises Yet Again.
My Obsession Rises Yet Again.
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