Got Some Mail About That Last Post I Did.

Ahhhh....feeling the love....I knew I was poking a skunk with this one. But I gotta tell you, after thinking about it, the hate mail has changed my mind.

If my cellphone ever goes off at a military funeral, I might as well go ahead and answer it. Because if I repeat some mindless pap afterwards about guns, God, and country that will evidently make everything all right.

Your issue is with the government, not the soldiers. They are ordered to do a job, whether they like it or agree with it is not taken into account. 'not going' as you suggest is considered desertion and is an offense punishable by court-martial and imprisonment. Dishonorably discharged soldiers have a status similar to convicted felons in many states. "Not going" is not an option.

Yes it is. Lemmie present a couple cases to you.

Solider number one thinks to himself, "man, this war is bullshit, I don't agree with a goddamn thing we are doing here, but I'm gonna keep up with it because that's my job and what I've been ordered to do."

Many people die as a result. Some of whom had no part in this fight.

Solider number two says "man, this war is bullshit, I could no longer live with myself if I continue to carry out orders that are contrary to fundamental principles of humanity. Although it entails a great personal sacrifice, I shall no longer enable this unjust war, because some principles are more important than any individual. Although it may cost me my standing in society, I will no longer take part in the madness."

Which one of these people is the more courageous? The more honorable? The answer is obvious, but if you need a hint, going along to get along is rarely a sign of courage.

Why the misdirected anger? The vast majority of military personnel I have known choose the career because of the pay cheque.

* Smacking forehead* that's exactly why I am so angry at them.

"Hey, go kill that guy and I'll pay for your college tuition"

That's honorable? Really? Because if it is I will happily choose the path of dishonor.

I'm curious as to whether you would apply these same arguments to the soldiers who carried out the Tienanmen Square massacre or the policeman who broke up the Iranian Green Revolution of 2009. I hope you wouldn't. Repression is repression, injustice is injustice, and those who carry it out are wrong. The wars being fought in our name are unjust, and those carrying them out should not be supported.

Having said that though, there really are times you should let the call go to voice mail.
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Got Some Mail About That Last Post I Did.
Got Some Mail About That Last Post I Did.
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