From The "Support Our Troops" File.

Which I don't. That's right. If you're a troop the only time I will support you is if you decide to find another line of work. You are necessary for the continuation of a policy I despise, and if you would stop doing what you are doing, that policy would end. So, yeah, I'm a little unclear as to why I should be cheering you on.

I would like to think though, that if I ever ended up at one of your funerals, I would have enough respect for the sanctity of life, even yours, that I wouldn't be...

...checking my cellphone behind your grieving widow. I'd also put on a tie and probably wear a suit. I'd definitely come up with something better than a t-shirt. Because unlike this douchebag, and unlike the people who hired you to kill for the empire, I realize that every life lived, by default, is worthy of a minimum level of respect.

Looks like you might need to relay that message to some of your supporters.
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From The "Support Our Troops" File.
From The "Support Our Troops" File.
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