Hey! Buy My Book!

I can say that now because my book is real! Seriously. The rollout starts today my friends. You can buy a copy at the createspace store right here, right now. An amazon.com listing is coming in about a week, and it should be good to go on the kindle in about 14 days.

I'm not kidding you. I wrote a book. And you can buy it right now.

Why should you? Because it's hilarious. Like I've said, most of it is regurgitated blog material, but I don't have to tell you this blog is a goddamn gold mine. All I had to do was get me one of those prospecting pans and stand in the creek for awhile to come up with 201 pages of solid gold.

Why else? Because with every copy sold an angel in heaven loses its wings, falls out of the sky, and crashes right on the pointy little head of Lloyd Duplantis of Gray, Louisiana. The ending of the book is original material, and if you were shocked, humiliated and/or downright frightened when Lloyd, Karen Bauer, and the rest of those goons at Pharmacists For Life International tried to hijack our profession a few years ago, you'll be happy to know this book's ending will have them frothing at the mouth. The ending of this book may just teach them a thing or two they wish they hadn't learned.

A thing or two they definitely don't want you to know. Guaranteed.

And on top of all that, you might win a free T-shirt. My dear e-friend ThatDeborahGirl has been kind enough to offer to send me ten Drugmonkey based T-shirts she made as part of her screenprinting class. Since I am not only this book's author but chief copy editor, I worry that I might have missed a typo or two. So here's the deal, buy a book, find a typo, point it out to me, and get a free shirt. Everyone wins. You get a shirt and I get out of hiring a copy editor.

And Lloyd Duplantis gets to live with the fact that if it weren't for him inspiring me to do this, the information at the end of this book may have stayed buried forever.

So yeah, you should totally buy a copy now.
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Hey! Buy My Book!
Hey! Buy My Book!
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