Great News For Those of You Not Yet Convinced Of My Greatness.

People unlike this person, who had this to say on my Amazon page:

This is THE book to get for your pharmacist this Christmas. And his boss. Reading the Drugmonkey's infamous blog has been the salvation of many a 12 or 13 hour shift in pharmacies all across America. His style of humor, a twisted combination of George Carlin, Denis Leary and Bill Maher, salted with righteous indignation, makes for both entertaining and enlightening reading. You will understand a lot more about the health care industry after reading this book than you think you do now.

I swear I didn't write that, but I do not disagree.

"Why should we take your word, or the word of anyone else for that matter?" you might be saying. "People suck, and I've been ripped off before a million times. Can't you give us a free sample or something, like the good honest people who make Doryx?"

Well, yes, yes I can. As of today the "Look Inside" feature has gone live on my Amazon garden. Click on the logo above the picture of the cover and you can take a little look around to see if this is worth your hard earned money. Or the money you found on the bathroom floor at work. Hell, it could be part of your welfare check or bonus you got while driving a large corporation into bankruptcy for all I care. Point is, you can click here and get yourself a free book sample. 

And the "find a typo win a t-shirt" contest is still on. The rules are pretty much self-explanatory. Find a typo, let me know, and if you're the first to point it out you get a Drugmonkey T-shirt. One has been claimed already.

I'm back at it for 12 hours tomorrow. I'm getting a sense it'll be a "Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action" kinda day. The day after holidays usually are. Stay tuned.
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Great News For Those of You Not Yet Convinced Of My Greatness.
Great News For Those of You Not Yet Convinced Of My Greatness.
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