Everything Your Fault, Customer Reports.

YOUR PHARMACY- Every single thing that went wrong with a person's prescription was singlehandedly your doing, a customer standing in front of your cash register reported today while angrily waiting for you to refile their insurance claim, and they really don't understand what the problem is.

Your first failure came when the customer's employer switched insurance carriers and you did not telepathically sense the change in the force and update the data in your computer without being told. Luckily, the new insurance company sent a card containing the new information to the actual insured party, because we sure as shit can't depend on you to keep track of other people's personal information.

Unfortunately you utterly failed to go through your customer's trash the night they threw their new card away instead of putting it in their wallet, solidifying your status as an incompetent buffoon.

Initial evidence also indicated you are to blame for the cost pressures in the American healthcare system that led to an increase in your customer's co-pay. Perhaps if you had been doing your job and singlehandedly countering the inflationary spiral that engulfs the provision of medical care in this country, the customer's employer wouldn't have had to change insurers in the first place.

You really fucked up here.

On top of it all, it would also seem you are the reason the new insurance company is taking so long to answer its phone, and a prime suspect when we tried to figure out why the medicine doesn't seem to be working at all. You only mentioned blood pressure medicine needs to be taken regularly three times during your counselling session, understandably leading the customer to take it only on days when they felt bad. They also sprayed the contents of an albuterol inhaler into their ear, which is your problem.

You also probably started World War II.

Despite your total lack of ability in your job, the customer stated they will for some reason continue to do business with you, and ordered you to fill "all their medicines" for tomorrow. And by tomorrow they mean 10 minutes from now, which anyone with a pharmacy license should know.

Not the blue ones you moron. They didn't need the blue ones.

What do you mean the Soma had no refills?

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Everything Your Fault, Customer Reports.
Everything Your Fault, Customer Reports.
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