Afterwards He Wasn't Sure It Was Worth It.

At the time though, he was full of hope. When he started this whole thing he knew the odds were long and that the process would be difficult, but he was confident he had what it took. The patience, the skill set, the appropriate comfort with technology. Still, there was no way this would be easy.

The effort was started and he was immediately thanked. In a cold, anonymous way. He was told he was important, just not important enough to personalize. Encouraged to hang in there and try for the payoff. Many people began this process, but few completed it successfully, and no one who failed ever heard a harsh word.

The waiting was killing him. Long stretches of nothingness before yet another impersonal contact.

Frustration set in. Maybe he was crazy for trying. Surely there was a better way. This wasn't going to work. It took the encouragement of friends to lift his spirit enough to carry on.

Then......a voice.

"Thank you for calling Walgreens, may I help you?" The past 39 minutes waiting for human contact were the biggest emotional roller coaster ride of his life. Finally though, he had beaten the odds. Someone had answered the phone.

He asked if his doctor had phoned in his alprazolam refill, which he needed far more now than when he began the call.
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Afterwards He Wasn't Sure It Was Worth It.
Afterwards He Wasn't Sure It Was Worth It.
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