My Book Report.

It's still rough. Like a big mound of clay just starting to take shape.

The preliminary title: Why Your Prescription Takes So Damn Long To Fill; A Foul-Mouthed Pharmacist Breaks The Curse Of Evel Knievel, Finds His Place In The World, And Strikes Back At The Ideological Forces That Threaten The Profession, And Your Health.

Most of what'll end up in there you can find here in the blog garden. My plan is to have a format somewhat David Sedaris-essay like using a lot of the material here. Material which, in case you haven't noticed, kicks ass. The book'll have an overall narrative while jumping around with Family Guy style non-sequiturs as it goes along to its final destination.While there is some value added compared to the raw blog material, the ending is where I really get off asking you to pay for it. I really like the ending. There's a good chance the ending, even if you are well embedded within the profession, will teach you a bit of practical pharmacology you didn't know.

And Lloyd Duplantis of Gray, Louisiana will hate the ending. Which is why I plan on dedicating the book to him. Because I want him to know the book never would have happened had he not inspired me to write it.

So here's the thing. While I am confident I can provide a superior reading experience, hell, I just kept myself entertained reading through the raw manuscript for the last half hour, I want some feedback before I sink the amount of time it will take into honing this sword to razor-sharpness. Would any of you actually consider buying this? Seriously. I know it's taking it to a whole different level to ask someone to part with money, but I also know I just got back from Borders, and I saw a lot of crap there.

Lemmie know. I set up a poll on the right hand side of the page.
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My Book Report.
My Book Report.
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