Merck Is Tired Of Grandma's Crap.

"While initial results look promising, we are confident that other drugs currently under development can increase the death rate among out-of-touch old people by even more" said Merck chairman and CEO Richard Clark in an exclusive interview that took place in my imagination. "Let's face it, after we lost the patents for Fosamax and Cozaar, the oldsters really aren't part of our business plan anymore, and from a financial perspective, are just using up resources that could be more effectively applied elsewhere"

"The sooner they are gone, the sooner we can get serious about the war against human papillomavirus." said Clark, who I also imagine as having an elderly parent sitting on a potential multi-million dollar inheritance.

"So while Saphris does give us a lot to look forward to, just wait until we get the approval for Strychnine SR™
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Merck Is Tired Of Grandma's Crap.
Merck Is Tired Of Grandma's Crap.
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