The Republican Welfare Queen Poised To Become Governor Of Florida.

I've written about Rick Scott before. As a joke. Not quite a year and half ago Scott was just some rich clown running ads against President Obama's healthcare proposals. Ads that said any solution to the problem had to be built on the pillars of “choice, competition, accountability and personal responsibility"

One of the reasons Scott is so rich is because when he ran Columbia/HCA, one of the largest for profit hospital chains in the country, Columbia/HCA was ripping off Medicaid and Medicare to the tune of over a billion dollars. The company eventually settled with the government for over $1.7 billion, and Scott was ousted by his own board of directors for his role in the affair. He then decided to show how accountable and responsible he was by leading a lavish lifestyle in Naples, Florida. That's where we left Rick Scott a little over a year ago. A fool who surely would never be taken seriously ever again.

Last Tuesday Rick Scott won the Republican nomination to become Governor of Florida. I am not making that up. Lesson learned. from now on I do not stop kicking these fuckers until they are good and dead and buried and even then it might not be a bad idea to dig up the body and drive a few wooden stakes through their heart.

But, can I ask you something? If you're one of my colleagues who never hesitates to talk shit about the medicaid customers whose business puts dollars in your paycheck, who will never fail to judge a woman on welfare driving a late model car when for all you know she might have had to flee in that vehicle with the kids to escape a husband who was beating the shit out of her, why are you not outraged that Rick Scott is not only not in jail, but has a good chance at becoming chief executive of the nations fourth most populous state? Why would you treat Rick Scott better if he came in your store than you would the baby momma you think might be trying to game the system for some free claritin? Is it a math problem? Do you not realize $1,700,000,000 is the equivalent of around 34 million prescriptions you deem not worthy to be dispensed? THE AVERAGE PHARMACY COULD WORK FOR 169 YEARS BEFORE IT WOULD FILL ENOUGH PRESCRIPTIONS TO GENERATE THE AMOUNT OF REVENUE THAT RICK SCOTT'S COMPANY STOLE FROM MEDICAID AND MEDICARE.

But the real problem is that baby momma according to you. When she comes in your store she gets a sneer and contempt. If Rick Scott comes in he would get a "yes sir" and maybe even your vote.

Why is that? I posed that question in Drug Topics awhile back as well, and never got a decent answer. Because none of you have the balls to say it. Evidently I'm just gonna have to say it for you you fucking cowards.

It's because if Rick Scott came in your store, he'd look like you, or at least the kind of person you want to be. He'd be dressed well. He wouldn't speak with an accent but would speak with impeccable grammar. You wouldn't be scared of his mannerisms or find his culture threatening. You might even be intimidated by the air of authority someone who plays in his league would be sure to have. You would perceive Rick Scott to be above you on the ladder of society, so you would immediately fall into your assigned place.

The baby momma you would percieve as below you however. Different and beneath you, so woe onto that woman. This isn't about taxpayer dollars at all and you know it. You are at best a coward and at worst an outright racist. I'll bet you anything when you talk about that baby momma behind her back you find a way to let people know her race if she's not white.

You make me sick. And you're about to get the governor you deserve.
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The Republican Welfare Queen Poised To Become Governor Of Florida.
The Republican Welfare Queen Poised To Become Governor Of Florida.
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