I Saw U2 Once In Columbus....

...wait, I should be clearer. Columbus, Ohio. A metropolis with over a million souls and still so bland one should always add the state at the end to avoid confusion. 

I saw them in the horseshoe, which is a monument to football that is no longer in the shape of a horseshoe. I don't remember if it was still horseshoe-shaped when I was there or not. I was distracted by a 30-foot lemon. 

At one point Bono gave a little speech between songs of the type that hasn't crossed his lips at a concert in probably a good decade at least. 

"So.....this is Columbus....." I'm paraphrasing here. Working off 13 year old memories.

"I've always wanted to see this town....."

faint cheer form the crowd....

"When I was a young lad in Ireland I had a girlfriend who went off to a place called Ohio State University. She came back with a red sweatshirt, and not much affection for myself.......

....so..... I am SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF AT THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!"

The crowd then broke into a thunderous roar......it was like they were saying....."YAY! HE HATES US!!!!!!"

I always thought that was weird. I wouldn't cheer if you hated me. 
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I Saw U2 Once In Columbus....
I Saw U2 Once In Columbus....
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