Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action.

Spent the day training our new pharmacy grad Jerry. His dad was a pharmacist. Says it's all he ever wanted to do. Seems like an enthusiastic, compassionate kid. Had him spend the morning getting used to being 'the pharmacist' by verifying prescriptions and counseling patients. He's very good with people.

After lunch when things quieted down, I decided to give Jerry a dose of reality. I told him it's a great job. Pharmacists get to promote good health. But in the back of your mind, liability always lingers.

So I gave him a couple of important tips...

  • When in doubt, question the prescriber
  • Store 'look alike, sound alike' drugs on different shelves
  • Make sure you repeat back all verbal orders

I also asked Jerry about his professional liability insurance. I explained how it's always a good idea to have additional insurance, especially since services like immunization and MTM are becoming more mainstay in pharmacy practice.


What? Why are you looking at me like that? Because that's the greatest blog post I've ever written? Because in a few short paragraphs I've managed to capture the essence of what being a real world pharmacist is like in today's heathcare environment? 

I'd love to take credit for this work of brilliance. Really, I would, but actually I plagiarized it. Took it word for word from an advertisement in the July issue of Pharmacy Today, an official publication of the American Pharmacist's Association. 

You should have known APhA was involved the second you realized there was no connection to reality.

At any rate, it would seem that The Organization No One Cares About™ has decided they want a piece of this pharmacy blogging action, but haven't quite realized blogging requires the use of a computer. Here's a copy of their ad: 

"Make sure your blog has a happy ending" it says at the bottom of the ad. I'm pretty sure the people at APhA are just fucking with me now. Although they did get in a good line about MTM becoming more mainstay in pharmacy practice. That line was comedy gold.

I scoured the Google after seeing this, and it turns out Jerry has a blog of his own. Here was his entry for July 5th:

Showed up for my first day at work and I've never seen anything like this numbnut they had running the place. He spent a good hour talking about the "sacred trust" that is given to pharmacists while 30 prescriptions backed up waiting for him to get off his ass. I finally shoved him out of the way to get some drugs out the door. My Dad was a pharmacist, so I know damn well no one gets paid until we get the medicine to the cash register. Dipshit spent 30 minutes deciding what to do when the computer warned him about an interaction between enalapril and hydrochlorathiazide (They're available in the same pill for Christ's sake!)  while I was taking 15 goddamn phone calls. They told me one of the techs got fired last week for actually taking a swing at this douchebag, and honestly, from what I saw today, I don't blame the guy. I think I'm going to buy some extra liability insurance if I'm gonna be stuck cleaning up this stupid fuck's messes for the rest of my career. I also think I'm going to start drinking. 
Oh, and that tech they fired? They're not going to replace his hours. Fuck my life. 

Welcome to the profession young Jerry. It seems you'll fit in just fine.
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Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action.
Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action.
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