Rioters Prove Their Point.

Same 'ol same 'ol. White cop shoots unarmed black guy. Community unhappy with verdict. Riot ensues.

This time though, the rioters knew exactly who to go after:

You can tell that's a Rite Aid store from the sign in the corner. In a tearful video statement, Rite Aid CEO John T. Standley told the world the corporation had learned its lesson.

"Never again will this company shoot down another African American in cold blood." said Standley from the holding cell in the Los Angeles County Jail where he is awaiting sentencing on behalf of the 4,780 store chain. "I would like to express Rite Aid's sincere apologies to the family of Oscar Grant, who sadly, will never again see the smile of his mother's face, know the miracle that is holding your newborn child, or be able to take advantage of our new Wellness Rewards™ program, where loyal customers can earn up to 20 percent off all purchases for a full year."

The case has sparked comparisons to the deadly Los Angeles riots of 1992, which erupted when Walgreen's was acquitted in the brutal beating of motorist Rodney King.

Meanwhile, members of the Oakland police force spent the night of the riot being paid overtime, and most likely will use the extra money to provide a higher quality of life for themselves and their families.
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Rioters Prove Their Point.
Rioters Prove Their Point.
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