Thirty Years After The Great War, A Soldier Tells His Story.

From The "I Really Wouldn't Be The World's Worst Parent" File. (Part 1)

From The "Who Knew The Nation's Prisoners Had Such Family Values" File. (Part 2)

Now We're Not Saying Osama Bin Laden Uses Flomax....

I Think The Fact I Can Wax Philosophic About Tiger Woods Is A Testament To My Great Mind. Because I Really Hate Golf.

Maybe If Wyeth Had Paid Me $2000 Like They Did At Least One Doctor, I Would Tell You How Great Rapamune Is. Until I Get That Check Though, I'll Just Tell You How They're Accused Of Illegally Marketing It.

Rewards And Realization And.....God I Wish I Was Stupid Sometimes So Thoughts Like These Would Quit Going Through My Head.

I Obtain Exclusive Video From Secret Ongoing Negotiations To End The CVS Caremark/Walgreens Contract Dispute.

Dear Pharmacy Benefit Managers, There Is Now An Oligopoly On Both Sides of Your Contract. Prepare To Reap What You Have Sown.

Highlights From Friday's Pill Counting Action.

CVS Makes An Honest Mistake. And By Honest Mistake I Mean Rips Off Its Customers. Probably To The Tune Of At Least A Million Dollars.

This One's For My Southern Baptist Friends, Who Make Up A Big Chunk Of The One-Third Of Americans Who Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God To Be Taken Literally