I Try Again For A Decent Cup Of Coffee And Fail.

At 5:30 my eyes opened and would not re-close. I thought maybe they were trying to tell me something, that maybe there was a reason I should not be wasting away in bed. I tried to think if there were any possible reasons I should get up.

I had to pee, and I could take a shot at working this morning's crossword in the newspaper. That's all I could come up with.

The paperboy, who I think is actually a man in his mid 30's, was late, so I put on some Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam always makes me happy. This was their latest album, and it had been sitting on my "to listen to" pile for quite awhile now. The blasphemous thought crept into my mind as I listened.

Van Hagar. That is the comparison that came to mind. Workmanlike. Competent.

I stared at my speakers and tried to remember Eddie Vedder in flannel. The Eddie Vedder who once saw an outfit  for sale in the window of a department store based on one he wore in a music video and promptly went home and burned the original. I tried to remember when our generation was tarred as a pack of slackers destined to have a life that was a faint echo of our parent's. Our parents had Vietnam, we had Gulf War I, they had Watergate, we had Lewinsky, they had Woody Allen, we had "Clerks"

We were cool with it. "Clerks" was a great movie. Perhaps the last remnant we have of what we were before the internet came along and changed our stereotype to that of the dot-com millionaire.

I was snapped out of it by the sound of the newspaper hitting the door. On one level it made me happy to be starting my day with a newspaper and a cup of coffee. Pearl Jam was teaching me that attempts to hang on to the coolness of your 20's are as pathetic as the exclamation point Yahoo! insists on keeping on the end of its name. Or "Clerks II."

My age starts with a 4 now and I find myself listening to more and more jazz. I can't come up with a 5-letter word for "fur wrap" that starts with an "S." My new coffee maker makes my java taste like plastic and in a few hours I'll have the joy of starting a long work weekend.

I thought about my last work weekend and smiled, but my last work weekend is gone. Sometimes the decision to get out of bed can be the wrong one. What I wouldn't do for a chance to start over.
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I Try Again For A Decent Cup Of Coffee And Fail.
I Try Again For A Decent Cup Of Coffee And Fail.
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