Sometimes The Joke Is Right In Front Of Your Face, And You Just Pluck It. Like A Low-Hanging Fruit.

From today's Yahoo business news wire:

DEERFIELD, Ill--Walgreens (NYSE: WAG)  is launching a pilot program in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to broaden its workforce and disability inclusion initiatives. The program aims to hire people with disabilities for 10 percent of service clerk openings at stores in the area. On average, Walgreens hires more than 1,600 service clerks a year in this area alone.
“We’ve designed facilities and training for people with disabilities to help drive opportunity, efficiency and productivity at our distribution centers,” said Walgreens senior vice president of supply chain and logistics Randy Lewis, who spearheaded the company’s decision to create an integrated and inclusive workplace. “Now, we’re taking those tools and bringing them to the store level to help create and maintain a diversified workforce. Emphasizing people’s abilities is our strength that will help everyone succeed.”

"While this will be a major change in the composition of our workforce, we are committed to do this reorganization in a way that will be as painless as possible for our current employees" Mr. Lewis didn't add. Using the 1,600 hire-a-year formula, he speculated it would take 2 to 3 years to bring the percentage of Walgreen's employees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with disabilities down to the target of 10 percent, from the current estimated 60 to 70 percent chainwide.

"We deliberately picked this market because we knew it would be the biggest challenge to find non-disabled applicants, as the Texas employee pool has a far higher rate of disability than any other region of the country."

While it is generally assumed that the leading disability of a current Walgreen's employee is Down's Syndrome, or trisomy 21, in fact, an internal company document shows a wide and diverse number of disabilities among its workers, including disorders of specific genes, cutoff of oxygen to the brain during childbirth, metal plates in the head, lead poisoning, club foot, and scurvy. CEO Gregory Wasson, abandoned by his father as a child and a resultant sociopath, is perhaps the company's most successful employee with a disability.

Reaction among customers was generally positive.

"You mean next time I go into a Walgreen's and ask a clerk where the Afrin is I might get back something besides a blank stare?" said fictional Seattle area shopper Jennifer Downey. "Yeah, that would make me more likely to shop there."

Reached for comment by telephone, a Walgreen's cashier sat silent for 15 seconds before offering to transfer the call to the store manager, then accidentally hung up.
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Sometimes The Joke Is Right In Front Of Your Face, And You Just Pluck It. Like A Low-Hanging Fruit.
Sometimes The Joke Is Right In Front Of Your Face, And You Just Pluck It. Like A Low-Hanging Fruit.
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